Fried Food Is Good Food

Who does not love a good ole cheeseburger and French fries? This classic combination of Americana is almost certainly irresistible. The smell of the meat as it is sizzling on the flat top or as it is searing on grill grates. The sound of fries as they are blistering in that 375-degree Fahrenheit oil. That first bite of that juicy burger, that first snap of a crispy fry, that first swig of your favorite soft drink. And what can we say about that altogether faithful, beloved milkshake to finish off the meal? There are few things that we eat that bring us enjoyment like a classic burger and fries combo.

And while there may be few things that give us that same sort of joy, that means that there are still some other things that we eat that can trigger that heightened level of food consumption bliss. Have you ever heard of fried chicken? When you speak to an American Southerner there is nothing as classic, satisfying, and homey as a plate of your favorite fried chicken. It is a comfort food to the max. And the smell of it is undeniable. There is nothing like walking into a house or walking by a restaurant when they are frying up some chicken. And it is not just the chicken, but it is also the sides that typically go along with that blessed yardbird. The whole experience that comes with fried chicken is just that, an experience of home cooking.

Then there is something like a good basket of fish and chips. Beer battered fish with some crispy fries go a long way in comforting a growling stomach. There is the classic fish fry that is often found in Friday nights all across the South and Midwest. The hushpuppies, the coleslaw, the fries, all of these things go into making this event an experience that you want to share with friends and loved ones.

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What do these and so many other comfort foods have in common? The thing that connects them all is the process of frying. Whether it is deep frying or pan frying, all of these things require the food to be submerged in a boiling vat of hot grease. There is just something about having something cooked in this process that makes it inherently more delicious. However, imagine the dismay that would result if you went out to a restaurant to get some fried food and their fryer was broken. Thankfully, there are technicians that handle all sorts of Frymaster Repair colorado springs co to help those beloved restaurants to get back up and running.

While fried food often gets a bad wrap for being unhealthy, it is undeniable that it is a food that certainly classifies as comfort food. Obviously, it is ill-advised to 100-percent sustain yourself off of fried food, but it is not an issue to enjoy it in proper moderation. So, go ahead and get that number 5 combo and eat it with great enjoyment.