How to Maintain a Stylish Home

Furniture defines who we are in life. The pieces that we choose for our homes show our guests what type of people we really are, which is why my wife and I spent so much time deciding which type of decorations we wanted to put in our new home. Our old house was decorated when we moved into it, but the new home that we purchased is our own, so we have to decorate it on our own. Before our last home that we shared together, we lived with our parents because we were both young, so this is really the first time in life that either of us have put a lot of thought into what we’d like the house we live in to look like.

Of course, we have always had our own styles and personal choices in furniture, but most of the pieces weren’t ones that we picked out. I have a couch that I moved into the new house that was from my high school days, and my wife has a small bed that she had back in high school at her family’s house as well. However, most of the furniture we are picking out is new to us, so we have put thought into which styles we’d like to introduce into our environment. We’ve really made this new environment a personal creative space.

Your home must reflect the person that you are on the inside because it is the place that you go for comfort and rest. I have always kept my home clean and orderly for this reason. For this reason, we decided to plan various themes for each room of the house, so each room has its own type of furniture and its own special designs that are unique to the individual room. No two rooms should look alike. We are hoping that guests will see how much effort we are putting into making each room stand out on its own, and we are hoping that our guests want to come back to our home for this very reason.

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We decided to make our bedrooms simple and classic. The designs are elegant, and the colors are muted, so we will always feel comfortable entering the bedroom. We didn’t want anything too abrasive because we will be seeing those colors and designs on a daily basis. For the guest rooms, we decided to make each one represents a different type of music. This was a lot of fun to plan because we are both interested in various genres of music. One of my favorite items was a Hip hop pillow for sale that we found online. It makes one of the guest rooms come alive with our fun creative expressions.

We’re happy with what we’ve accomplished so far. Decorating our home has been a fun experience that has brought creative expressions to life in our own comfortable space. This home is ours, so we’re working hard to make it look like our inner selves.